The success comes as a milestone for the company as it says the high pressure would alleviate the need for a downstream compressor in the electrolysis process, with hopes of reducing capital expenditure and improving efficiency.

According to the Arnhem firm, the demonstrations proves that high differential pressure electrolysers are feasible, offering the advantages of both AEM and proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers.

Dr. Rombour Swanborn, founder and CEO of HyET E-Trol, commented, “We are excited about these successes after a period of hard work and believe a new generation of very cost effective electrolysers has seen the dawn.”

HyET E-Trol says it aims to commercialise the high differential pressure AEM electrolyser, based on its ET200 platform, which could offer direct injection into a range of end use applications.

Anirudh Venugopal, Chief Technical Officer at HyET E-Trol, said, “There is an urgent need to transition to a sustainable and net-zero emission economy, to mitigate and eliminate the environmental and societal issues related to global warming.

“At HyET E-Trol, our aim is to develop and commercialise low cost, high efficiency electrolyser systems to facilitate this cost reduction. HyET E-Trol’s integrated AEM electrolysers enable this cost reduction with the use of cheaper materials within its systems and by eliminating the need for the energy and capital intensive compression step of hydrogen.

“In parallel, HyET E-Trol is also developing a novel low cost high temperature electrolyser that can operate at high energy efficiencies. We strongly believe that our technologies will play a central role in enabling a self-sustainable green hydrogen economy and a cleaner future.”


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