According to HYRBIT, new test results from its pilot plant and R&D lab have revealed that direct reduced iron (DRI) with hydrogen creates a product with ‘significantly improved’ properties and capabilities.

H2 View understands, the HYBRIT produced DRI is highly metallised which the initiative has said has superior mechanical and aging properties compared to fossil based DRI, while eliminating virtually all carbon dioxide emissions in the process.

Started by SSAB, LKAD, and Vattenfall, HYBRIT has set out to develop new technology for hydrogen based iron and steelmaking with the aim of establishing a fossil-free value chain. In June 2021 the HYBRIT initiative announced it had produced the ‘world’s first’ hydrogen-reduced sponge iron at its pilot-scale plant in Luleå, Sweden.

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Off the back of the research, Hybrit Development AB has filed patent applications for its hydrogen-based DRI technologies to the European Patent Office.

Commenting on the outcome of the tests, Martin Pei, Chief Technology Officer at SSAB and Member of the Hybrit board, said, “We are very pleased with and proud by the consistency in the good results and excited by the opportunities this can offer to the steel industry´s green transition.

“Thanks to years of dedicated work from the research team, we have made the hydrogen-based pathway to decarbonise steelmaking more accessible and efficient. It can help to mitigate climate change.”

“This new knowledge is a direct result of close value chain cooperation, determined innovative thinking and bold efforts in piloting new technology – a recipe to copy for other industrial sectors,” added, Andreas Regnell, Senior Vice-President and Head of Strategic Development at Vattenfall and Member of the Hybrit board.


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