Rinnai Japan has said it has successfully developed a continuous flow hot water system for the domestic market, using 100% hydrogen combustion technology, offering zero carbon emissions.

Demonstration testing is due to commence in October this year (2022), in South Australia and Victoria in an attempt to encourage the consideration of hydrogen as a viable residential energy source, the company has said.

H2 View understands Rinnai Australia has also developed a geothermal and inverter hybrid system, the Geoflo Hybrid 22, which it also intends on testing in the same project.

Greg Ellis, Managing Director of Rinnai Australia, said, “This marks a significant milestone in Australia’s shift towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy mix future, as Rinnai delivers a real solution, not a fanciful promise.

“The advancements seen here firmly define Rinnai’s ambitions and commitment to work to provide commercial and domestic appliances which not only support the requirements of a changing energy future, but importantly, deliver the trusted reliability and performance that the market expects from the Rinnai brand.”

The debate of hydrogen vs heat pumps has been a hot topic in the industry for several years now, with many believing efficiency losses in hydrogen will make heat pumps the firm favourites of the future, with other calling into question the consistency of renewable electricity to power the pumps.

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Dr. Alan Finkel, Australia’s former Chief Scientist and Chair of the Australian National Hydrogen Strategy, added, “Australia is blessed with abundant renewable energy, but the key to transitioning from fossil fuels is the demand side.

“By introducing water heaters to run on 100% hydrogen, Rinnai is making it practical for homeowners to greatly reduce their carbon footprint while still enjoying the convenience of rapid gas heated hot water.”

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