Under the collaboration, H2 View understands Aicon Yachts will be equipped with Renewable Innovation hydrogen fuel cell systems to power on-board applications, which it says offers cleaner and quieter power.

Additionally, the Utah company says its solution could reduce reliance on dockside electricity grids.

Robert Mount, CEO & co-founder of Renewable Innovations, said, Hydrogen-powered systems offer the greenest and cleanest solutions on the market and are ideal for a wide range of commercial and consumer applications like EV rapid charging and scalable primary/ backup power for businesses, such as large offices, retail, and data centre power.

“Our vision is to extend these solutions across every facet of life – including helping to make yachting cleaner and preserving the beauty of nature.”

Marc-Udo Broich, Chairman and CEO of Aicon Yachts explained the collaboration aligns with the company’s goals of establish “100% sustainable yatching.”

“At Aicon, we’re dedicated to delivering a superior yachting experience – and now we’re extending that into sustainability,” said Broich.

Having already deployed a fuel cell fitted yacht to Bahia Mar marina in Florida, US, the hydrogen-based power solution has been well received. James Tate, Owner of Bahia Mar Hotel and Resort, explained that clean sources of dockside power will be essential.

Tate said, “I was so impressed to learn of Aicon and Renewable Innovation’s vision to design and build a next generation hydrogen fuelled yacht.

“We are all in this together and the more we as an international community band together to improve our way of life by finding new innovative technologies, coupled with clean and sustainable energy to support our respective lifestyles, the better off we as a society will be.”