Bramble Energy revealed today (June 13) that it had received the funding as part of the BEIS’ £40m ($48.7m) Red Diesel Replacement competition, to support the development and demonstration of low carbon fuel and system alternatives to red diesel.

Over the course of the so-called Gen-ZE project the company is set to work with UK construction firms, who will add input to design requirements and act as early adopters to trial the technology.

H2 View understands the project will also look to develop a strategy for the supply of green hydrogen, and refuelling solutions for its Gen-ZE generator.

Utilising its printed circuit board fuel cell (PCBFCTM) technology in the project, Bramble Energy believes it will offer cost advantages over conventional fuel cells.

If successful, it is hoped that green hydrogen fuelled generators could be commercialised to help decarbonise construction sites across the UK.

Vidal Bharath, Chief Operating Officer at Bramble Energy, said, “The years of heavily subsidised red diesel across our construction sites has now come to an end and Net Zero targets for the industry are firmly in place.

“Now is the time we must look to viable clean alternatives that can be scaled quickly and offered the same subsidisation afforded by fossil fuels.

“Hydrogen fuel cells operate in a similar manner to current diesel solutions, making their adoption relatively simple. They require less servicing and allow operators to maintain productivity whilst protecting the health and safety of site workers.

“The implementation of clean energy technologies like hydrogen will have a positive impact on the construction industry moving forward.”


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