Announced today (May 11), Mick de Brenni, Queensland Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen, revealed the agreement between the Australian state and the Dutch port, which could see huge developments in hydrogen exports between Australia and Europe.

The news comes after the Port of Rotterdam Authority, presented plans to a European Commissioner which would see 4.6 megatonnes of hydrogen flowing through the Port annually by 2030.

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Addressing the World Hydrogen Summit by video, Mr. de Brenni said, “This landmark agreement is another ringing endorsement of Queensland’s quest to be a green hydrogen superpower.

“The Port of Rotterdam has a target to import up to 20 million tonnes of hydrogen by 2050, starting with imports of ammonia in 2025.

“This latest milestone demonstrates that Queensland has what it takes to help economies around the world achieve their decarbonisation ambitions.

“And given the recent impacts of world events on energy security and their sky-rocketing effect on power prices, this has perhaps never been more important.”

The move from the Queensland Government coincides with its renewable energy plans which details the development of a sustainable renewable energy supply chain and creating jobs in the renewable energy and hydrogen industry.

There have also been other significant hydrogen projects in Queensland, including a plant which aims to produce 50,000kg of renewable hydrogen annually.

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