Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Hydrogen Europe CEO, signed the MoU with EURAMET’s Vice-Chairperson Miruna Dobre today (March 17).

Under the agreement, the two companies will exchange knowledge about capabilities and needs in the hydrogen field and become members of the European Metrology Networks stakeholder council.

It will also ensure an exchange of information in the hydrogen industry performed under the European Partnership on Metrology (EPM) and the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (CHJU) and create synergies that enhance the efficiency of both research programmes under the partnerships.

Joint exchange of information on further funded research programmes is also included under the MoU, dealing with energy gases, energy transition and climate topics.

Chatzimarkakis said, “Today, we are cementing a collaboration that has already started for several years and we are very glad to strengthen it even more with this MoU between Hydrogen Europe and EURAMET. These cooperations are fundamental and showcase EU R&I synergies in action.”

Last December (2022), Hydrogen Europe and the European Automobile Manufacturer’ Association (ACEA) called upon EU member states to increase ambitions for the deployment of hydrogen refuelling stations.

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A joint letter to state ambassadors suggested one hydrogen refuelling station every 100km on both TEN-T core and comprehensive networks, one hydrogen refuelling station for liquid hydrogen every 400km and for infrastructure on core network and in urban nodes to be in place by 2027.

A Successful Ecosystem for Green Hydrogen – London

It is becoming ever clearer that the entire green hydrogen ecosystem requires alignment. Hydrogen’s potential, performance, and safety are proven. Green hydrogen is widely accepted as a core pathway to Net Zero, yet the key levers in the transition are not yet in-sync.

At H2 View we recognise the increasingly challenging economic climate that various countries/economies are currently facing. We want to help as many companies as possible in the hydrogen space to achieve their needs as competitively and logically as possible. As a result, we felt it was a compelling decision to relocate our previously planned event in Iceland, to a venue in London.

Join H2 View in London, one of the foremost investment capitals of the world, for a 1.5-day event devoted to thought leadership, insights, and actionable takeaways in the green hydrogen ecosystem, combined with the connections and networking to deliver against those objectives.

This H2 View hydrogen summit is dedicated to dissecting the ecosystem requirements to truly realise a green hydrogen-fuelled future across industries, transport, and society. This event will tackle all sides of the energy ecosystem, from wind and solar power requirements to additionality, water sustainability, electrolyser technologies, and investment and policy climate.

You can find more information at