Howden was selected for its “extensive experience and innovative technology” and customising its solution to fit INOVYN’s needs while also reducing total cost of ownership of its operations.

INOVYN’s Runcorn site can power over 1,000 buses or 2,000 trucks with low-carbon fuel, and can now supply compressed fuel-cell quality hydrogen to the transport and industrial sectors.

With Howden’s support, INOVYN is able to tap into the emerging hydrogen fuel-cell market in the UK and boost its revenue from co-produced hydrogen, realising the business’ mission to lead the UK to net-zero carbon emissions.

Salah Mahdy, Global Director – Renewable Hydrogen at Howden, said: “INOVYN’s Runcorn site has already made impressive strides in producing low-carbon fuel to replace fossil fuels. Therefore, we are excited to be supporting this innovative project which has the potential to secure the UK’s green energy transition to net-zero by 2050.”

Howden delivers reliable hydrogen compression solutions to a variety of industries around the world. Developing highly innovative solutions for its customers, Howden optimises the availability, reliability and installation footprint to reduce the total cost of ownership of customers’ operations.

Beyond its own target to become carbon net zero by 2035, Howden is partnering with its customers to provide equipment and technology that enable emission reductions and greater sustainability.

Howden recently secured a contract to supply 16 sets of 36DNF6 cooling fans to Redstone Concentrated Solar Project (CSP) in Postmasburg, South Africa.

Customising the diameter of the fans as well as the profiles and arrangement of the blades to the facility’s specifications, the fans will condensate exhaust vapour from steam turbines.

It has also secured a contract with Azku Global Services, part of the Khudairi Group, to supply two screw compressor packages to Majnoon oilfield, near Basrah in Iraq.