The facility is powered by renewable hydroelectricity and will produce 20MW of green hydrogen in Niagara Falls, where the energy will be used to power electrolysers to produce hydrogen.

Howden’s compressor technology will take hydrogen from the electrolysers and compress for on-site, short-term mobile storage.

Salah Mahdy, Global Director, Renewable Hydrogen at Howden, said, “We are pleased that our solutions will support Atura Power’s plan to build one of Canada’s largest green-energy hubs that will play a key role in reducing greenhouse gases in the region.

“Our solution in this project focuses on safe, cost-effective and efficient hydrogen compression followed by on-going support to ensure plant efficiency and reliability.”

The facility will provide industrial consumers with low-carbon hydrogen for immediate consumption and will also be transported and blended into the fuel stream at Atura Power’s Halton Hills Generating Station, creating cleaner electricity.

Last year, Atura Power announced that the Niagara facility could be commissioned by 2024 and evaluated additional sites in Ontario for green and low-carbon production, such as Halton Hills, Windsor, Lambton-Sarnia and Nanticoke.

The development plans were first announced in 2021, in order to help the region meet its climate change goals.

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Shelley Babin, Atura Power President, said, “Atura Power has a leading position in the emerging Ontario hydrogen economy, and the completion of the Niagara Hydrogen Centre will allow us to reach our goal of being the first low-carbon hydrogen producer in the province.”

A Successful Ecosystem for Green Hydrogen – London

It is becoming ever clearer that the entire green hydrogen ecosystem requires alignment. Hydrogen’s potential, performance, and safety are proven. Green hydrogen is widely accepted as a core pathway to Net Zero, yet the key levers in the transition are not yet in-sync.

At H2 View we recognise the increasingly challenging economic climate that various countries/economies are currently facing. We want to help as many companies as possible in the hydrogen space to achieve their needs as competitively and logically as possible. As a result, we felt it was a compelling decision to relocate our previously planned event in Iceland, to a venue in London.

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