Conceived by automotive designer Felix Godard, the Hopium Machina Vision displays a notchback silhouette, that is “both athletic and elegant”.

The ascending fuselage and the kinetic grille are both optimised for fuel cell system cooling and vehicle aerodynamics. At the front, the light signature is reminiscent of the stratification of the fuel cell stack, and waves on the surface of the water.

Hopium says the inside features a spacious cabin and sky view, and passengers can darken the glass, or look out through a panoramic window, with the active shading function.

The vehicle offers the user a new sensory connection with the interface through the haptic console, which allows navigation through main menus and control of settings.

At the front, the pillar-to-pillar display provides a digital landscape of information which can transform into a full or minimised layout.

First deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2025.

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