The fuel cell module FCwave™ has acquired the approval and us now set to be distributed to projects across the Eu in a bid to decarbonise the maritime industry.

This will be a huge boost to the industry and present an opportunity to decarbonise various maritime applications with Ballard’s reputation set to contribute to the growing market.

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Ballard, Chart achieve major breakthrough by successfully testing a fuel cell powered by liquid hydrogen

The Type Approval marks an important step in commercialising Ballard’s fuel cell technology for marine applications and is key to including fuel cells as part of zero-emission solutions for the marine industry.

This process is recognised as extensive, involving a series of simulations and tests which were carried out at Ballard’s global Marine Center of Excellence in Hobro, Denmark, where the FCwave™ is developed and manufactured.

Søren Østergaard Hansen, General Manager of Marine at Ballard Power Systems Europe, said, “The new classification of FCwave™ has removed a significant roadblock in helping the marine industry deploy zero-emission technologies and meet global emission reduction targets.

“The Type Approval from DNV is highly important in building market confidence in hydrogen fuel cells and validates that FCwave™ is designed, tested and prepared for installation.

“The Type Approved FCwave™ module enables us to deliver the first deployment-ready fuel cell solution, capable of helping the marine sector take the next steps in implementing zero-emission operations.”

Europe a ‘strategic’ market for Ballard Power Systems

Hot on the heels of construction to build a centre of excellence dedicated to fuel cell marine applications in Hobro, Denmark, Ballard Power Systems Europe is expanding again. Work is currently underway at the same site to extend Ballard’s existing facilities by around 470m2, and the new extension has been described as an “important step in the company’s focus on the European market” – a market which has resulted in significant growth and the creation of more jobs in recent years.

“Europe is a strategic market for Ballard,” Nina Caroline Hjorth, Director of Strategy & Market Development at Ballard Power Systems Europe, said. “It has strong drivers to support the development of our technology. And Europe is shifting away from fossil fuel-powered vehicles in general towards zero-emission transportation. That’s why it’s an obvious place to be focusing for company like us.”

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