Announced today (May 11), the German based HPS will use Wystrach’s storage systems in its green hydrogen-based electricity storage for homes, apartments, and commercial properties.

HPS’s products produce green hydrogen for properties using surplus solar power during the summer using an electrolyser and converts it back into electricity over the winter months.

The power and building energy sectors account for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions annually, with hydrogen playing a significant role in reducing these emissions.

The power and building energy industry has announced over 500 large-scale hydrogen projects to date, with green hydrogen projected to supply up to 25% of the world’s energy needs by 2050.

Matthias Kötter, Head of Wystrach Sales at Hexagon Purus, said, “Our high-pressure hydrogen storage systems are flexible and scalable, suitable for a wide range of applications, such as storing baseload energy from solar plants.

“We are proud to once again be selected to support HPS, a long-standing partner of Hexagon Purus.”


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