The hybrid aircraft will be powered by batteries and sustainable aviation fuel.

It will offer a range of 20okm, an extended range of 400km with 30 passengers, and fly up to 800km with 25 passengers.

Anders Forslund, founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace, said, “The ES-30 is an electric airplane that the industry can actually use. We have designed a cost efficient airplane that allows airlines to deliver good service on a wide range of routes. With the ES-30 we can start cutting emissions from air travel well before the end of this decade.”

The compact ES-30 offers a three-abreast flat-floor cabin seating, galley and lavatory.

Previous orders for Heart Aerospace’s ES-19 electric airplane, placed by United Airlines and Mesa Air Group for a total of 200 electric aircraft with an option for an additional 100 planes, are reconfirmed for the updated ES-30 design.

lt has also signed letters of intent (LOI) with Nordic airlines Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA), Icelandair and SAS as well as New Zealand’s Sounds Air.