Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), HDF hopes to build one of its Renewstable® power plant in Uganda, which will enable large-scale storage of intermittent renewable solar energy in the form of hydrogen, as well as electricity generation using hydrogen feedstock in a fuel cell.

According to HDF, the plant is set to provide year-round supply of renewable energy for the equivalent of 24 hours a day, eliminating renewable intermittency, while avoiding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and noise compared to a traditional diesel plant.

In 2019, HDF signed a product development agreement with Ballard Power Systems for the development and integration of a multi-megawatt scale fuel cell system at its first French Guiana-based Renewstable plant.

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Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, said, “On behalf of my government, we would like to thank HDF for the initiative taken. Uganda has been talking about green hydrogen for a long time, with our energy mix, we want to capture whatever energy source we have. I know the technology will come with an opportunity for our people. We are open and will work with HDF, the entire region is going to be transformed.”

Nicolas Lecomte, Director for Southern and East Africa at HDF, added, “The novelty of the Renewstable® power plant is such that political support is paramount to enable a first project, and the reforms to be conducted. Our cooperation with the Ministry on a first project in Uganda aims at, amongst other objectives, working jointly on a practical case to inform the local regulation, as well as creating an enabling environment and skills in Uganda for the green hydrogen industry.”


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