The US firm says its compact SOFC systems can tie into existing energy systems, providing both electrical and thermal energy at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy generation system, aimed at remote communities.

In its first phase, the company has focused on developing in the rural market, with its products offering the ability to convert biomass into green hydrogen, allowing farmers to easily turn agricultural waste into both electric and thermal energy.

The announcement comes as h2Power Solutions says it is preparing to deploy US assembly operations to support newly established channels in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, and Canada.

Greg Whitlow, CEO of h2Power Solutions, said, “Our vision is to supplement the existing energy grid with a more efficient, affordable energy solution, and to extend energy access in rural and remote communities.

“Our product offers end users true energy independence with the added benefit of selling excess energy back to the grid.”

In 2020, Indian clean tech start-up, h2e Power, announced it was acquiring Hexis from the Viessmann Group, in a bid to introduce clean energy technologies to the Indian market.

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