Each electrolyser will be able to supply up to 860kg of green hydrogen per day and 4,300kg collectively, due to being integrated with a photovoltaic or wind systems.

GP Joule will receive the electrolysers this year and are set to be operational by 2024.

André Steinau, GP Joule Hydrogen Managing Director, said, “We have set ourselves the goal of using renewable energies to produce climate-friendly fuel and thus decarbonise heavy-duty transport.”

GP Joule is currently behind one the biggest boosts of sustainable heavy-duty mobility.

Last year, the German-based company announced it will purchase 5,000 40-tonne hydrogen powered fuel cell trucks from Clean Logistics over the next five years in a ‘low single-digit’ billion-euro deal.

The trucks will use heavy semi-trailer tractors equipped with fuel cells, batteries and hydrogen tanks, with the truck fleet being estimated to save over 325,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, based off a yearly mileage of 100,000km (62,137 mile).

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H2B2 recently launched a joint venture with G R Promoter Group to develop hydrogen solutions, with plans to deploy a giga-scale electrolyser production plant in India, dubbed ‘GreenH Electrolysis’.

The initial capacity of the plant is set to be 100MW with plans to escalate to a Gigafactory, which is expected to begin this year.

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Germany has the fourth largest network of hydrogen refuelling stations  after Japan, South Korea and China, accounting for 13% of the 730 hydrogen projects in operation globally, according to IEA’s latest data.


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