According to the hydrogen-based steel innovator, the Midrex H2 Plant will produce up to 2.1 million tonnes of hot DRI and hot briquetted iron (HBI) per year, feeding the initial production of 2.5 million tonnes of green steel in Boden, Sweden.

The partnership drives forward H2 Green Steel’s plans to decarbonise steel production, by cutting up to 95% of carbon emissions with its hydrogen-powered processes, the majority of which, will be thanks to Midrex’s DRI technology.

Maria Persson Gulda, Chief Technical Officer at H2 Green Steel, said, “We started working together almost two years ago and during this time, the team at Midrex has demonstrated a capability for rapid technical development, leading to a package that wraps the world’s largest hydrogen electrical heater with the DRI process, to secure a completely green solution for iron reduction. This DRI plant will truly be first of its kind and a landmark for large scale green steel production.”

In August (2022), H2 Green Steel announced it had started construction of its green steel and hydrogen production facility in Boden.

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Midrex’s parent company, Kobe Steel, has further sealed the partnership, by making an equity investment in H2 Green Steel, as well as commencing discussion for the possible purchase of green HBI in the future.

Kazuto Morisaki, Executive Vice-President of Kobe Steel, commented, “We are really excited to cooperate with H2 Green Steel as the strategic partners from both aspects of plant supply and equity investment, in order to jointly tackle the challenge toward the global carbon neutrality. We feel confident that H2 Green Steel project will set a good precedent in the world iron and steel industry moving forward to decarbonisation.”

“As a major Japanese steel maker, Kobe Steel’s investment in our venture clearly demonstrates the interest from incumbent steel companies in new ventures that will move the entire steel industry forward. It also adds further geographical diversification to our progressive group of investors who provide us solid support,” added Henrik Henriksson, CEO of H2 Green Steel.

Green is the new black: An interview with H2 Green Steel

From the buildings you live in, the cars you drive, appliances in your house, to the equipment manufacturing our goods, steel makes up some part of it, making its way into all of our daily lives. With 1,950.5 million tonnes produced in 2021, according to the World Steel Association1, it appears to be one of the most intertwined materials in our societies.

Despite the high demand and use, steel production remains to be highly emission-intensive, with The Industry Transition reporting that annual steel production generates approximately three billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, accounting for 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions2.

Our reliance on the material and continuation of using carbon-heavy production methods pose a strong threat to goals of meeting Net Zero emissions by 2050. However, in recent years the possibilities to decarbonise this hard-to-abate sector have grown thanks to the development of hydrogen technologies.

One company forging the way for a greener steel industry is Sweden-based, H2 Green Steel…

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