One of the largest industrial projects ever to be undertaken in the Scandinavian country, the Boden site in northern Sweden is targeting production from 2025, and aims to produce 5m tonnes of green steel annually from 2030.

H2 Green Steel plans to build giga-scale electrolysis capacity, powered by fossil-free electricity; with approximately 10 TWh per year set to come from mainly hydropower, to be used to clean up steel production processes.

The next phase will involve mass stabilisation of the site, ahead of construction and the start of civil works, which are earmarked for March next year. Work will involve dealing with ‘hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes’ of soil.

CEO Henrik Henriksson said, “We are starting maybe a little bit earlier than we were expecting with these activities, which is probably going to need it as it’s a bigger, complex project. More important is the symbolic sort of activities – it’s a signal to the local community that something that has been talked about for the last 18 months is actually happening.”

He said entrepreneurs and companies involved with the project – from houses and roads to infrastructure – now have a “true signal” that they need to prepare.

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