The status recognises the significance and economic benefits of the project which hopes to produce 100,000 tonnes per year of green hydrogen for export into the wide Asia-Pacific region.

As part of the award, Provaris and the NT Government have also entered unto a Project Facilitation Agreement (PFA) to work in a spirit of co-operation to seek to achieve the timely, efficient and effective development of the Tiwi H2 project.

Aligning with the North Territory’s ‘Renewable Hydrogen Master Plan’ the Tiwi H2 project intends to use solar energy to produce green hydrogen for export via Provaris’ proprietary GH2 carriers for shipping compressed hydrogen gas.

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Planned to be situated on the Tiwi Islands, according to the company, the location offers benefits to its compressed hydrogen delivery model, including existing infrastructure at Port Melville.

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Commenting on the awarding of the status, Martin Carolan, Managing Director at Provaris, said, “The endorsement of the Tiwi H2 project by the NT Government is another significant milestone for Provaris as we move forward with our development program.

“Major Project Status will deliver the project access to coordinated and streamlined Government agency support for future approvals and assistance with Federal Government agencies. Today’s announcement supports the Territory’s vision to be recognised as a leader in the transition to the green hydrogen economy.”

Natasha Fyles, Northern Territory Chief Minister, added, “The award of Major Project Status by our government is recognition to the substantial economic and social benefits expected to be delivered by the Tiwi H2 project and its potential strategic significance to the Northern Territory and Australia in developing a hydrogen production and export industry.”

Unlocking regional hydrogen transport – Energy efficient integrated shipping and port solution

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Recent geopolitical instability and energy security fears are accelerating hydrogen adoption, bringing forward large-scale demand, and increasing the need for efficient shipping of hydrogen in gaseous, liquid or chemical state – and the need to deliver the hydrogen to customers in a ‘ready to use’ state.

Australian public company Provaris Energy Ltd (Provaris) is now executing a development programme to be the market-leading provider of compressed hydrogen by sea from Australia to the high-demand hubs in Southeast Asia, and supply sources located within mid-range shipping distance of the major ports in Europe, connecting to the key industrial hubs seeking supply in order to meet their decarbonisation goals.

“The development of an efficient way to load, store, and transport hydrogen by sea, and to discharge and distribute the hydrogen at the receiving port, is key to connecting low-cost supply with markets short on domestic supply,” commented Martin Carolan, Managing Director of Provaris Energy.

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