In partnership with Fuel Cell Systems, Enapter and the University of South Wales (USW), the project aims to highlight the critical role green hydrogen can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

By commissioning Pioneer One, it marks a significant milestone in building a network of hydrogen generating facilities for the UK’s green hydrogen infrastructure.

As a fully-fledged operation Pioneer One will produce green hydrogen which is expected to displace up to 111 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

The facility aims to produce 40kg of hydrogen per day, giving Protium the capability to deliver hydrogen MCPs at a rate of 10 per week.

It will be ready to supply hydrogen directly to customers for uses such as vehicle trials, gen-sets and other smaller operations. Customers will be able to collect filled cylinders of the produced hydrogen from the Baglan facility.

Jon Constable, Chief Assets and Engineering Officer at Protium, said, “As of the beginning of April we will have our first commercially operating hydrogen production facility, capable of supplying green hydrogen filled containers to customers.

“This is the largest AEM Enapter electrolyser deployment in the UK and whilst this facility is currently on a small scale, it is designed to enable supply chain development and hydrogen training as we continue to develop larger facilities over the next five years.”

Protium announced its partnership with partner USW in 2022, to deploy its first 100kW electrolyser at the University’s Hydrogen Centre in Baglan, Neath, Port Talbot.

The companies claim this is ‘largest’ AEM integrated electrolyser, with Enapter responsible for developing the scalable AEM electrolyser to generate electrolytic green hydrogen. Fuel Cell Systems was responsible for integration, installation and commissioning.

Tom Chicken, CEO of Fuel Cell Systems, said, “This is a practical, working example of green hydrogen production in operation. The project partners have shown that hydrogen technologies are available now and can be implemented across industry.”


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