In November 2021, Getech announced a period of exclusivity for two years with Shoreham Port, through a Collaboration Agreement, which has now been extended five years, taking the project through development, to planned first green hydrogen production and beyond.

The agreement was signed through its wholly owned hydrogen subsidiary, H2 Green.

Dr Jonathan Copus, Getech CEO, said the updated agreement is “a clear statement of intent” of the partnership to push forward to develop green hydrogen at the port, contributing to decarbonisation across the Southeast of England.

Tom Willis, CEO of the Shoreham Port said: “As a Trust Port we have been operating for the benefit of the community for 260 years. This pioneering project has the potential to make a significant contribution to decarbonising the region.”

Shoreham Port is holding its public-facing Sustainability Week from September 29-October 1, where the Green Energy Hub will be one of the portfolio of projects presented.

Under plans submitted by H2 Green to Shoreham Port, the Hub will initially focus on the provision of green hydrogen and renewable electricity to the Port’s fleet of 39 heavy forklift trucks and 12 heavy goods vehicles.

Green Hydrogen will be sourced by a scalable green hydrogen production, storage and refuelling facility – the economics of which will be optimised by its integration with new solar and wind electricity generation capacity.

The Hub will then be expanded to facilitate the decarbonisation of more than 800 heavy goods vehicles that enter Shoreham Port daily, and to provide fuel to port and coastal marine vessels. H2 Green estimates the hydrogen facility will, at full capacity, exceed around 8 tonnes per day.

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