The Augsburg, Germany-based company has appointed Ford veteran and former Director of Engineering for the Tesla Model S, Richard Haas as CEO of Quantron US, with the target to achieve 50% of its turnover in North America by 2025.

H2 View understands, the company plans to implement its business model in the US, with additional plans to develop new commercial vehicle designs with fuel cell electric and battery electric powertrains.

Additionally, Quantron intend to offer what it calls a 360 product and solution ecosystem, which includes vehicles and as well as infrastructure for hydrogen production and refuelling, under its Quantron-as-a-service in its new market.

Based on its strategic partnership with Canadian fuel cell manufacturer, Ballard Power Systems, Quantron says it has the ambition to be one of the trailblazers in the hydrogen-based zero-emission long-range vehicle segment in the US.

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Richard Haas © Quantron

Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG, said, “The foundation of a subsidiary in the US is an important step towards our goal of putting zero-emission vehicles on the roads globally. In Europe, close to 100 vehicles converted by Quantron are already successfully in use.

“We see potential for the US in the early years of a triple-digit volume annually. I am very pleased that Richard Haas, with his more than 40 years of multicultural experience in the mobility industry, will be joining us as president and CEO for Quantron US.”

Haas, commented, “The opportunity at Quantron is unique and compelling in an industry that is now embracing emerging non-IC technologies – particularly the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Powertrain space for medium and large commercial vehicles. I’m honoured and excited to be one of the first players in this space in the US.”

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