Currently holding 20 license agreements, specifically from the Kennedy Space Centre, the John H. Glenn Research Centre, and the Marshall Space Flight Centre, which it believes will aid in enabling the hydrogen value chain.

H2 View understands the patents cover areas including cryogenic testing, cryogenic solid storage, nozzle and value technologies, thermal insulation management systems, hydrogen and carbon dioxide monitoring technologies, leak detection systems, and solar and renewable energy technologies.

According to GenH2, it has successfully commercialised its NASA LCX license agreement, supporting the commercial application of a layered composite insulation system for non-vacuum applications and extreme environmental exposure conditions.

GenH2 believes the cryogenic heat management system will provide infrastructure and practical solutions as it continues the management and control of heat in hydrogen liquefaction, storage, and transfer.

Cody Bateman, founder and CEO of GenH2, said, “The benefit of NASA license agreements is that they allow us to deploy proven technology to our hydrogen solutions that give us a pathway to commercialising our technology as well as reduce the time to market.

“Even though our company is only two years old, we’ve already accrued a historical amount of intellectual property through these license agreements.”