The certification will allow the vehicles to undergo customer trial on public roads, which First Hydrogen say will commence in January 2023 for a period of 24 months, where the company hopes collect data from fleet owners to capture high-level interest for future orders.

According to the company, 13 UK fleet operators across industries such as telecoms, utilities, infrastructure, delivery, and healthcare have signed up to participate in the trail, which will see two First Hydrogen vehicles deployed, which the company says can offer a range of 400-600km of range on a single refuelling.

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Set to be tested in real-world conditions with ‘major’ fleet operations, initially in the UK, the company plans to publicly showcase its design, accelerating the adoption of hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles in the replacement of diesel fleets.

In July (2022), First Hydrogen announced it was collaborating with the UK Aggregated Freight Consortium (AHFC), which works with fleet operators to encourage the roll out of fuel cell vans, trucks, and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

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The certification comes as a key milestone for the company, which has announced intentions of scaling up its demonstrator vehicle trials to the European, US, and Canadian markets.

Steve Gill, CEO of Automotive at First Hydrogen, commented, “This is an important step which validates our engineering and technical expertise. The whole team has worked hard to deliver this certification and we can now move forward with the important customer trials commencing in early 2023.”

Balraj Mann, Chairman and CEO of First Hydrogen Corp., added, “We are proud of our Automotive team and their recent accomplishments. I am excited about the groundwork laid by the whole team and, as we move forward, executing our business plan in the coming months. Green hydrogen is becoming a clean alternative answer to fossil fuels.”


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