The two projects planned for Carrington, Greater Manchester, UK and the Thames Estuary, UK, are set to have initial capacity of 40MW each and are aimed at supplying First Hydrogen’s automotive customers with fuel to supply their vehicle fleets, H2 View understands.

Submitted to the UK Government’s Net Zero Hydrogen Fund (NZHF) Strand 1 programme, funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the projects anticipate production levels in excess of 7,100 tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

Both Carrington and the Thames Estuary fall into regions with hydrogen growth strategies with the company having said ‘leading strategic stakeholders and landowners’ in the regions have offered letters of support for the projects.

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First Hydrogen announced in May (2022) that testing was set to begin on its first hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicle (LCV) which it hopes will be certified as road legal by September 2022 ahead of offering the vehicle for fleet operators to trial.

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Nicholas Wrigley, Executive Chairman at First Hydrogen Group, said, “Having received support from respected economic and energy authorities for our projects, we are hopeful that our applications will secure funding to finance our first green hydrogen production sites.

“These sites will ultimately supply our automotive customers with a guaranteed supply of green hydrogen, which is critical to the adoption of hydrogen mobility and creating a zero-emission transport sector.

“First Hydrogen recognises the role it will play in achieving these targets and meeting fleet demand and building upon the first submission, is working to identify additional production sites for future funding rounds.”

The firm announced its venture in green hydrogen production and distribution in March (2022) when it launched its energy division where it said it had identified key locations for the development and construction of ‘several’ 25MW sites.

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