Having been evaluated in a pilot study, run by the initiative in cooperation with Vertogas, H2 View understands 18 market parties participated in the trial, which HyXchange hopes will lead to the expansion of hydrogen certification and trading.

According to HyXchange, the pilot assessed the practical functioning of the system in which market parties can register their hydrogen for a green Guarantee of Origin, which can also be converted into renewable fuel units (FRUs) for traffic and transport.

The Guarantees are set to ensure that hydrogen has been produced from renewable electricity, which hopes to allow any consumer to verify whether hydrogen has been produced in a sustainable manner.

HyXchange says, its certification process is the only Dutch system, and only valid in the Netherlands, however an international system for hydrogen certification based on European regulations is under discussion.

Additionally, the initiative is developing a trading contract which is anticipated to encourage the trade of hydrogen.

A report from the Hydrogen Council and McKinsey, released this month (October 2022), predicted that a regional mismatch between hydrogen supply and demand would force extensive global trade links by 2050.

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The Global Hydrogen Flows report estimated that 400 million tonnes of hydrogen and its derivatives will be transported over long distances by 2050.


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