Launched earlier this month, Touching Hydrogen Future. Tour around the global” is a 27-chapter read that focuses on 27 countries, across six continents of great interest when it comes to the world of hydrogen and a clean energy future.

Each chapter has insights from the 28 involved energy experts as they tell a fictional story based on existing hydrogen projects and strategies, highlighting the diverse, global opportunities in the developing hydrogen economy.

With a foreword from former EU Commissioner for Energy, Andris Piebalgs, the publication set out the changes the world can expect to see if hydrogen projects currently under consideration are implemented and what technologies will play a leading role.

On the launch, Piebalgs commented, “There are immense opportunities for the global community in clean hydrogen development, with production potential far exceeding estimated global demand. Nevertheless, we must take pause and acknowledge the difference between what we can envisage, and what we know and see.

“The book allows us to understand the gravity and complexity of the task in hand, with each country bringing its own opportunities, constraints, and positionality. Although the transition will be far from simple, requiring unprecedented efforts from governments, industry, and citizens, the tour shows the reader the truly exciting opportunities hydrogen offers for all nations.

“It is not just a fuel replacement, it is a paradigm shift in the way we look at energy systems, with co-benefits across a number of sustainable development goals.”

Erik Rakhou, Book Initiator and Co-Editor, added, “Almost 150 years after Jules Verne first envisaged a world powered by hydrogen, we can map out the changes it will enable within our lifetimes. Through the eyes of today’s energy leaders, we paint a picture of a transformed world powered by hydrogen alongside other energy transition vectors, and invite you to join us in building it.”

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