With the company reporting rapid construction of the new hydrogen campus, the vision to mass produce AEM electrolysers for the wider global market is becoming clearer and could increase the adoption of hydrogen in the near future.

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The campus will additionally support research and development to enable innovation within the hydrogen sphere and bolster the market with greater hydrogen products.

With the AEM electrolysers undergoing Final Acceptance Testing (FAT) before being sold, it is expected that the electrolysers will be capable of producing green hydrogen for customers from 2023.

Green hydrogen will be stored and utilised on-site for uses such as electricity generation with a combined heat and power (CHP) unit, potentially providing further energy for the Enapter Campus, to be used for backup power as well as in factory heating.

The campus is ideally located to support the growing hydrogen and renewable energy market with Saerbeck recognised as a pioneer in the German energy transition.

In addition to supplying us with fresh renewable energy for the Enapter Campus, the Saerbeck municipality also has ambitions for green hydrogen projects, appetite to take action and a highly engaged, forward-thinking population.


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