In a statement made today (May 24), the global software and technology company has collaborated to transform part of Toyota Australia’s operations into a commercial-grade hydrogen production, storage and refuelling plant.

The project, supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), is expected to adopt Emerson’s automation expertise to provide the control system that helps Toyota Australia demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of manufacturing hydrogen fuels, including the use of renewable solar energy.

This could be major for the Australian hydrogen refuelling rollout and could additionally create cost-competitive green hydrogen situated close to where the demand is for mobility.

Mark Bulanda, Executive President of Automation Solutions at Emerson, said, “By incorporating a digital automation foundation to eliminate data silos, Toyota Australia can not only significantly reduce costs, but also gain greater visibility into system performance, making it easier to maintain and report sustainability performance and increase productivity.

“The data foundation Toyota has built will make it faster and easier for like-minded companies to replicate success as hydrogen refuelling networks continue to expand across the continent and the globe.”

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