US-headquartered H2-Industuries today (November 7) revealed it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Egyptian waste management systems firm, to establish a supply of necessary feedstock for a planned waste-to-hydrogen plant at East Port Said in the Suez Canal Economic Zone, Egypt.

H2 View understands, Green Planet aims to supply up to four million tonnes of plastic waste for the plant annually, which will require a full supply chain to be developed, as well as managing a pre-treatment facility.

Set to feature in discussions at COP27, H2-Industries say waste-to-hydrogen technologies could solve two ’common problems’: the environmentally friendly disposal of waste, and establishing capacity to produce low-carbon energy in the form of hydrogen.

Commenting on the freshly inked agreement, Michael Stusch, Executive Chairman and CEO of H2-Industries, said, “This is just the first of several international projects where governments and responsible authorities around the globe realise that organic waste and especially plastic waste if treated correctly, can be a valuable asset and used to generate significant amounts of clean hydrogen”.

H2-Industries announced plans for the plant in January this year (2022), where it said that hydrogen produced from the project is expected to be half the levelized cost of current green hydrogen production technologies.

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Mohammeds Assad, Chairman of Green Planet, added, “The infrastructure that Green Planet will develop, and the feedstock it will provide as part of this landmark project, is truly a technology enabler accelerating energy transition in Egypt while providing an example to the rest of the world.”


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