The independent energy expert and assurance provider, DNV, said on Thursday (July 14) it will provide technical advice and support to Pipeline Infrastructure Limited (PIL) on the integration of blended hydrogen into its gas trunkline assets in India.

PIL has said its initiative is one of the first hydrogen blended related projects in the Indian transmission space which aligns with the Indian Government’s National Hydrogen Mission which was unveiled in 2021, targeting five million tonnes of hydrogen production by 2030.

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It is hoped DNV will be able to apply its expertise to assess India’s pipeline integrity, safety and network operations with blended hydrogen at levels of 5%, 10%, 15%, 50% and 100%.

Advice will be provided for hydrogen integration for assets including transmission pipelines, interconnects and spur lines, compressors, valves, and metering stations and equipment, according to DNV

DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook 2021  said, the Indian subcontinent’s demand for hydrogen will reach nearly 25 million tonnes each year by 2050, with predicted growth in renewable generation in India, which could make up to 65% of the country’s electricity mix by the mid-century.

Akhil Mehrotra, Managing Director and CEO of PIL, said, “The hydrogen industry in India is still in its infancy and has a huge scope to supplement the growing energy needs while supporting the shift to a cleaner environment.

“Backed by strong governmental support for clean energy and significant renewable energy potential, India has the unique opportunity to become a major producer and exporter of Hydrogen.”

Brice Le Gallo, Vice-President and Regional Director APAC, Energy Systems at DNV, added, “Repurposing natural gas pipelines for Hydrogen is 10-30% of the cost of building new pure Hydrogen networks. DNV is pleased to play a role in this by supporting PIL to transition its gas network to incorporate blended hydrogen to support local industries.

“In doing so, DNV will leverage its technical expertise and methodology to help our clients meet their emission reduction goals while retaining the use of their existing infrastructure.”

Varadaraj Salian, Market Area Manager, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for Energy Systems at DNV, commented, “This pioneering project will enable PIL to engage their stakeholders in developing and expediting realistic decarbonisation goals for which DNV is providing the right technical knowledge, global expertise and best practices so that their operation is safe and sustainable.”

‘Policies do not match hydrogen’s importance’ – DNV report finds

Hydrogen is at risk of being the great missed opportunity of the energy transition, a new report by DNV has found.

Speaking to H2 View exclusively off the back of the release, the energy consultant and certification body said, “The pace of change of hydrogen is there, it’s just not enough for Net Zero.”

Released today (June 14), the report  calls for governments to make urgent, significant policy interventions to ensure hydrogen does not fall short in decarbonising the economy.

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