Announced today (June 24), the funding will support a partnership between, Topsoe, Denmark’s Technical University (DTU), and Aarhus University (AU), to upscale and globally deploy Topsoe’s solid oxide electrolyser cell technology.

It is hoped the grant will support Denmark’s ambitious Power-to-X strategy which aims to develop 4-6GW of energy capacity from green hydrogen and e-fuels by 2030, as well as contribute to the wider EU green hydrogen goals.

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H2 View understands, DKK 80.3m ($11.3m) of the grant is destined for Topsoe alone, which announced plans to produce the ‘world’s largest’ electrolyser plant with up to 5GW of capacity by 2024, in May (2022).

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Simon Kollerup, Danish Minister for Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs, said, “Power-to-X and hydrogen can become a new business adventure for Danish companies, and it is fantastic to see so many ideas about future green fuels coming from Danish companies.

“It speaks directly to the Danish strategy on Power-to-X to industrialise and upscale production making it easier and more competitive to produce green hydrogen.

“Power-to-X fuels as replacement for fossil fuels will contribute to lowering carbon dioxide emissions in Denmark and globally and it is vital that the companies have the will, ambitions, and skills to participate in the development. And we can see that they have.”

The grant comes from the Danish Board of Business Development’s DKK 225m ($31.8m) fund from the REACT-EU programme, which aims to support the development of green innovation technology.

Roeland Baan, CEO of Topsoe, said, “Power-to-X technology will play a central role in the green transition, and right now we see a strong momentum for green energy solutions throughout Europe.

“At Topsoe, we are pioneering the Power-to-X landscape with our SOEC technology offering 30% higher efficiency than remaining technologies and even at a lower cost.

“We are extremely happy to receive the support and trust from the Danish Board of Business Development to further this technology and pave the way for a faster deployment of Power-to-X nationally and globally.”


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