The companies today (September 20), revealed a collaborative agreement which will see them work together to bring into service a hydrogen-powered ATR 72-600 regional aircraft.

Anticipated to be used on select DAT routes in Denmark, it is hoped that DAT’s entire fleet will be converted to run on hydrogen by 2030.

H2 View understands, the collaboration plan to convert the ATR 27s, which can accommodate 56 passengers, using Universal Hydrogen technology, while Everfuel will produce green hydrogen to fuel the aircrafts using modular capsules, without the need for changes to existing airport infrastructure.

“The domestic flight of the future in Denmark can become 100% emission-free via hydrogen-powered aircraft,” said Jesper Rungholm, Director of DAT. “Universal Hydrogen is in the advanced stages of developing a modification for our regional aircraft type, the ATR 72, making this possible as early as 2025. It will be perfectly suited to typical flight distances in Denmark, and we are sure that customers will value flights that only emit clean water.”

In 2021, Universal Hydrogen secured $20.5m in funding to accelerate the development of hydrogen propulsion for regional aircraft.

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Paul Eremenko, co-founder and CEO of Universal Hydrogen, said, “Collectively DAT, Everfuel, and Universal Hydrogen, possess the expertise needed to achieve Denmark’s ambitious target of achieving not just Net Zero but true zero emissions commercial flight as early as 2025.

“DAT’s domestic network is a perfect early application for hydrogen fuel, and with the support of Everfuel, we can rapidly develop a complete hydrogen ecosystem in Denmark to usher in a new golden age of aviation built on clean flight.”

Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Everfuel, added, “At Everfuel, we are excited about the new collaboration, as our entire mission is to achieve a fossil-free society.

“The new consortium can deliver the whole package, where our role is to deliver the green hydrogen. Then our partners utilise the hydrogen in the planes, as hydrogen-based planes are the best use of resources if we are to achieve emission-free domestic flights.”