Topsoe, Skovgaard Energy, and Vestas has said the Power-to-X plant in Lemvig, Denmark will demonstrate how renewable power can be coupled with the ammonia plant, making it a cost-effective way of producing green ammonia.

Having received DKK 81m ($10.8m) in funding from the Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP), the plant is expected to produce more than 5,000 tonnes of green ammonia annually, while preventing 8,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

The so-called dynamic plant will integrate wind, solar, and electrolysis with an ammonia synthesis loop, to secure the production process from power fluctuations. Additionally, the partners have said, the renewable energy generation will be connected directly to the national grid so any surplus energy can be sold.

In July this year (2022), Nel Hydrogen said it had received a €4m ($3.9m) purchase order from Skovgaard Energy, for the production of green ammonia at the Lemvig plant.

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Commenting on the plant, Kim Grøn Kundsen, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Topsoe, said, ”We are very excited to begin this next chapter going from maturing the project to actually begin construction of this cutting-edge green ammonia plant. The plant will serve as a prime example of how we can replace fossil-based fuels and fertiliser by carbon-neutral alternatives via electrolysis.”

Pat Han, Technical Director at Skovgaard Energy, said, “We are happy to start construction of our first Power-to-X plant and to celebrate this event with our project partners. We believe there will be a lot for us to learn in operating this green ammonia plant, that will help us in the preparation of up-scaled Power-to-X projects.”

Ole Kiil Nielsen, Head of Power-to-X Solutions at Vestas, added, “This project displays how it can be done and builds critical experience for the partners.  Vestas is firmly committed to lead development of this fast-evolving industry.”


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