Expected to start up by 2025, the planned production facility will use hydroelectric power to produce green liquid hydrogen, and will come as Linde’s largest electrolyser installed by the company to date.

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In its initial announcement, Linde said it would build, own, and operate the industrial-scale electrolyser itself.

“This project is not only a milestone for Cummins, but also for the energy transition in the US,” said Amy Davis, Vice-President and President of New Power at Cummins. “Adding the 35MW of this Linde plant to our electrolyser project footprint highlights our commitment to scaling the green hydrogen economy and our ability to support large-scale renewable hydrogen production with market-leading innovation.”

Cummins said it will supply the electrolyser designed for easy on-site installation with the ability to scale-up output as needed.

The supply of electrolyser follows on from Cummins’ announcement in October (2022), that it will build a 500MW PEM electrolyser production facility in Fridley, Minnesota, US.

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At the time of the production facility announcement, Alexey Ustinov, Vice-President of Electrolysers at Cummins said, “Expanding Cummins’ electrolyser manufacturing footprint to the US is a milestone not only for our company but an important step in advancing global decarbonisation efforts.”


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