Set to be constructed in Guadalajara, Castilla-La Mancha, plans for the 530,000 sq. ft. PEM electrolyser plant were announced in May last year (2021).

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Expected to be completed by the end of 2024, Cummins says the facility will house system assembly and testing, with a capacity to produce 500MW of electrolysers each year, scalable to more than 1GW annually.

The announcement follows shortly on from plans to establish a 500MW electrolyser factory in Minnesota, US, as well as revealing it was set to boost the capacity of its electrolyser plant in Belgium to 1GW.

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Read more: Cummins to build 500MW electrolyser plant in Minnesota, US

Amy Davis, Vice-President and President of New Power at Cummins, said, “We’re excited to be a part of Guadalajara and put down our roots in Spain. The growing hydrogen economy here continues to be an attractive environment for Cummins to increase its global electrolyser manufacturing footprint.

“With the support of the Spanish government and European Union, Spain’s hydrogen market has great potential. This facility will poise Cummins to help European customers transition their energy supply and meet ambitious sustainability goals. This plant is also another step toward achieving Cummins’ own carbon neutrality targets.”

Alexey Ustinov, Vice-President of Electrolysers at Cummins, added, “By increasing our ability to meet demand for hydrogen generation technology, this facility will help accelerate the global clean energy transition and the role of hydrogen as a viable alternative energy source in Europe.

“Cummins is committed to helping the European Union produce more hydrogen domestically, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and securing a sustainable future.”

Cummins: An original innovator’s role in modern electrolysers

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At a time when the hydrogen industry is facing the most rapid scale up of its clean production technology, there have been various companies doubling down on their efforts to establish themselves as major players within the field of electrolyser innovation and manufacturing. Despite the technology having only truly come to the forefront of the industry in recent years with the push to develop clean energy solutions, the history of the technology runs far deeper.

Few companies have a more established, firmly entrenched connection to electrolysers as Cummins. Having stood the test of time for over 100 years, the company is viewed as one of the original innovators of electrolysis equipment as we know it today. With its commitments to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050  established in its 2019 PLANET 2050 report, which included science-based targets aligned with the Paris Climate Accord, Cummins continues to innovate within, and drive development of, the electrolyser industry.

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