Support for the roadmap has been received from energy companies such as ENGIE and Siemens Energy, Porsche Colombia, in addition to the Embassies of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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With the weight of these major players behind the national roadmap, it is expected that the advancement of hydrogen in Colombia will be significantly accelerated in the coming years.

An expression of interest has been raised by each of the groups highlighting the importance of joint work between the productive sector, public and private, and international cooperation, to help achieve results that allow the country to advance the goals of the roadmap.

Colombia has significant potential in producing hydrogen, due to its abundance of renewable resources, which could turn the nation into a global player for clean hydrogen.

Colombian groups that have expressed interest in the project include Porsche Colombia, Daimler Colombia, and the unions: the World Energy Council – WEC Colombia, and the Colombian Association of Hydrogen.

As well as this, the Embassies of the Federal Republic of Germany in Colombia and the Embassy of the Republic of Colombia in Germany have also pledged an interest.

The global companies interested include Ecopetrol, Grupo Energía Bogotá, Transportadora de Gas Internacional-TGI, Promigas, ENGIE, Siemens Energy.

Álvaro Villasante, Vice-President of Management of Business and Innovation of the GEB, “The Grupo Energía Bogotá, one of the companies that, together with its subsidiary TGI, supports this initiative, spoke about the importance of launching this hydrogen roadmap.

“Colombia will always find an ally in the GEB for the energy transition. With our participation in the entire value chain, including the main gas pipeline network in the country led by TGI, we are ready to promote the development of hydrogen in the country to improve lives with sustainable and competitive energy.”

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