Set to focus on its Nafion™ ion exchange materials, Chemours hopes its investment will support growing market demand for clean hydrogen generation from water electrolysers, hydrogen conversion to power fuel cell vehicles, as well as energy storage in flow batteries.

According to Chemours, its Nafion membranes provide excellent separation of hydrogen and oxygen over a broad range of pressures and temperatures, which it believes makes them well suited to meet the growing needs of hydrogen production.

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“Fuelled by government and industrial investment and carbon-neutral secular trends, the Hydrogen Economy is at a critical juncture, and investment is needed to support our strategic partners to deliver against those ambitious goals,” said Denise Dignam, President of Advanced Performance Materials at Chemours. “Our Nafion™ membrane technology is the heart of hydrogen power generation, storage, and use.”

Dignam added, “Built on more than 50 years of experience, this planned new investment will further support the growth of Chemours’ partners, the overall Hydrogen Economy, and positions Chemours as a major industry player.”


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