Celebrated on the 8th October in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen – 1.008 – the annual recognition, created by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, now stands as a global opportunity to celebrate achievements in the industry and raise awareness.

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National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day was first celebrated in America in October 2015 with the passage of an official resolution in the US Senate and has grown year-on-year ever since.

2021 is no different, as companies, organisations, consortiums and individuals across North America gather together to celebrate the momentous occasion.

This year especially, momentum for hydrogen in the US has been expectational. January saw US President Joe Biden’s promise to act on climate immediately and ambitiously as soon as he took to his new role.

Though numerous plans to push forward decarbonisation efforts in the US, and support targets for the wider world, President Biden has pioneered hydrogen as a key energy carrier is a zero emissions future.

As well as a new President, the evolvement and welcoming of many companies on the US hydrogen market has pushed forward efforts – and partnerships continue to blossom each and every day.

This, and so much more, will all be recognised today as we yet again celebrate 1.008.


US-based Nuvera, which focuses primarily on powering medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, is enthusiastic about the evolving market. In a statement sent to H2 View, Lucien Robroek, CEO at Nuvera, said, “Fuel cells play a critical role in addressing some of the most intractable clean energy challenges of our time.

“Countries around the world are looking to hydrogen to decarbonize many sectors, especially transportation. Nuvera’s decades of innovation have created real-world solutions to meet the growing number of emissions mandates.

“We celebrate with our colleagues in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry the enormous strides we’ve made until today and look forward to continuing our collective efforts to achieve a cleaner, greener future across all energy sectors.”


When asked how it is celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Day, Jean-Lous, CEO of Ways2H, which focuses primarily on waste-to-hydrogen technology said, “This is a special day for us, as it aims to spread awareness about how hydrogen is here to stay and lead the way in the monumental energy transition.

“To celebrate, I’ve spent the week in Amsterdam convening with global leaders in the sector as part of this year’s World Hydrogen Congress. It has been exciting to learn from the key figures spearheading critical projects and innovations to make hydrogen a super fuel today and to meet new partners, especially as we ramp up our waste-to-hydrogen projects across key Hydrogen Valleys like Japan, France, Scotland and the US.

“Ahead of COP26 we’re pushing more rigorously than ever, and this day is a great reminder of why we’re working for a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow.”