The railway company originally said it was to develop one hydrogen locomotive, however, with various support, including a $15m grant from Emissions Reduction Alberta (EBA), the group has upped its commitment to hydrogen rail.

Under project plans, CP hopes to refine the process of converting diesel-electric powertrains to hydrogen-electric powertrains over a series of three categories of locomotives which collectively represent the majority of locomotives in use throughout North America.

Powering the locomotives, will be 200kW fuel cell modules developed by Ballard Power Systems, with the firm today (Jan 19) stating that it has received an order for an additional eight systems to support the newly confirmed developments.

Keith Creel, President of CP, said, “In expanding this ground-breaking project, CP is demonstrating its commitment to combatting climate change through transformative technology.

“I am very pleased that Emissions Reduction Alberta selected this program for a grant, and I eagerly anticipate seeing a hydrogen-powered locomotive move CP customer freight in the near future.”

Randy MacEwan, President and CEO of Ballard, added, “We are excited to deepen our collaboration with CP and accelerate the energy transition.

“The expansion of CP’s Hydrogen Locomotive Program is illustrative of the confidence in Ballard’s fuel cell technology and the important role hydrogen fuel cells will play in decarbonising heavy-duty motive applications, such as freight locomotives.”


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