Under the company’s originally proposed plans, all residents in Whitby would have seen hydrogen used in their homes in the UK Government trial to inform decisions regarding the use of hydrogen in domestic use.

However, in recent months, Cadent has come under fire from residents, MPs and local councillors, with concerns surrounding what the trial could entail for Whitby households.

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In a video published by Cadent, Marc Clarke, Head of Hydrogen Consumer at the gas operator, said the company had heard a range of views about the project, “both for and against.”

“We’ve always said that your [Whitby residents’] feedback will help shape the decisions that we make about the Hydrogen Village,” Clarke said. “We will only deliver this project if it works for the community in Whitby. And it’s because we’ve heard and listened to what people in Whitby have to say, that we’re making changes to the way that we’re going to operate this project.”

Cadent will now offer residents the option to participate in the trail or not, should the Government select the company’s proposal. “You can either choose to get involved with the Hydrogen Village programme and help pave the way to a green future, or you can choose to stay on natural gas if you do not wish to participate,” Clarke explained.

For residents who opt in, Cadent has said it will offer a range of incentives including £2,500 ($3,080) or the equivalent in home efficiency improvements, new appliances for free, a hydrogen price match with natural gas, cover cost increases in home insurance, and various vouchers.

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Those who opt out will be connected to a newly constructed gas main, remaining on natural gas, without the need for any new appliances.

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Clarke said, “Everyone will have a choice to take part or not. You can choose the option that works for you and your home.”

The hydrogen Head added that Cadent will be revealing more information over coming weeks and there will be “plenty of opportunities to ask questions and share your views.”


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