Having inked a strategic partnership deal today (Jan 17), bp said it will now capture and evaluate solar and wind data from land in Oman, which could support the landmark development with hydrogen production.

With plans hoped to take shape as soon as 2030, the duo hopes the commitment will support the Government of Oman in approving future renewable energy hubs to support a decarbonised future.

Benard Looney, CEO of bp, said, “Today’s agreement represents what bp is able to offer as an integrated energy company. These projects will build on our gas business, and bring wind, solar and green hydrogen together in a distinctive and integrated way supporting Oman’s low carbon energy goals.

“And we’re not just investing in energy. We are investing in Oman to create and develop infrastructure, support local supply chains and cultivate the skills and talent needed to usher in this next generation of energy leaders.  We look forward to working closely with the Omani government to take this forward.”

News of the collaboration follows bp’s commitment to growing its business and building on its 15-year history in Oman. As part of this, in 2021, the multinational oil and gas company joined Oman’s national hydrogen alliance to promote a hydrogen industry in the country.

As well as being aligned with bp’s goals, the renewable energy and green hydrogen will also help government to achieve the Oman Vision 2040, in which the country wants to build and safe and well-preserved environment, with effective and balanced ecosystems and renewable resources[1].

On this, His Excellency Dr Mohammed Al Rumhy, Minister of Energy and Minerals of the Sultanate of Oman, said, “This is a proud moment for Oman and a significant step towards delivering our 2040 Vision.

“In partnership with bp, we will progress the development of new, world-class solar and wind resources – generating renewable power for the grid and powering the manufacture of green hydrogen to supply domestic demand and to export to global customers.

“Over the past 50 years, we’ve advanced our hydrocarbon production. Today’s agreement signals the next step in our energy journey – unlocking the potential for Oman as a low-carbon energy hub.”