ACM’s 500-acre testing and validation site in Ypsilanti Township, Detroit will become home to what BayoTech has dubbed as ByoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hub, to meet demand for automakers planning to test hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at ACM’s site.

H2 View understands, hydrogen produced by BayoTech’s technology will serve manufacturers, OEMs, and mobility innovators testing and validating at ACM’s facility.

Additionally, BayoTech has said the hydrogen will also be delivered via its proprietary high-pressure transport trailers to local customers operating zero-emission fuel cell equipment or hydrogen intensive industrial processes in and around Michigan.

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Reuben Sarkhar, President and CEO of ACM, commented, “Hydrogen has a crucial role to play in enabling zero-emission vehicles in key segments of transportation. The infrastructure going into ACM will not only support users of our facility but the needs for low-carbon hydrogen in the region.’

The plans have received backing from local manufacturing sites, including Toyota which hosts its R&D facilities nearby. Matt Stich, General Manager for Toyota Fuel Cell Solutions, said, “We believe fuel cell electric technology will play a vital role as we work toward a carbon-free future. Additional infrastructure and the ability for companies to test future technologies at places like ACM will only help grow the fuel cell market moving forward.”

Adam Penque, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Hydrogen Hubs at Bayotech, added, “Hydrogen is fuelling the future of transportation. We congratulate ACM for being innovators in seeking out the infrastructure to support automotive OEMs’ fuel cell vehicle commercialisation activities. We’re proud to partner with ACM to launch our latest hydrogen hub location.”


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