The BayoTech-owned BayoGaas plant will be onsite at Ranken College, in St Louis, and will serve local customers operating zero-emission fuel cell equipment or hydrogen-intensive industrial processes.

The hydrogen will be delivered via BayoTech’s high-pressure gas transport trailers, designed for higher gas utilisation.

Earlier this year, 12 of its HyFill transport trailers were ordered from three leading industrial gas companies, due to US hydrogen demand increasing.

BayoTech’s trailers contain Type III composite cylinders, which it claims can carry up to three times more hydrogen than traditional steel trailers.

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The expansion of the hydrogen distribution network will create 10 local full-time jobs, also introducing a curriculum to educate students growing into the hydrogen sector.

Donald Pohl, Ranken Technical College President, said, “Our planned hydrogen technician training programme will equip students with the essential skills needed to contribute to the clean energy transition.”

In September, BayoTech announced plans to establish a similar-sized hydrogen production plant in Detroit, as part of its network in the US.

In partnership with the American Centre for Mobility (ACM), the facility will meet mobility demands, serving manufacturers, OEMs, and mobility innovators testing and validating at ACM’s facility.

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In alignment with the Inflation Reduction ACT (IRA), designed to stimulate clean hydrogen production and consumption in the sector, BayoTech has developed two hydrogen products that qualify.

BayoGreen, a low carbon hydrogen produced by fuelling BayoTech’s steam methane reformation (SMR) system with a blend of renewable natural gas (RNG), and BayoZero, which is carbon neutral hydrogen using up to 30% RNG.

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