Three NovaLT™ 12 gas turbine driven compressor trains will be provided for a new gas compressor station in Sulmona, Italy, an “integral part” of Snam’s Adriatic Line project.

The solutions will provide the option to run on 100% natural gas or hydrogen blends up to 10% to help decarbonise the Italian gas infrastructure. Following initial testing in 2020, the NovaLT 12 turbine was installed at Snam’s Istrana site in 2022.

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Snam’s Adriatic Line proposal will ensure the construction of a 425km long, hydrogen-ready pipeline which will allow for the transport of additional energy supplies from Azerbaijan, Africa and the eastern Mediterranean region to northern Europe.

The first phase of the Adriatic Line was included in Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) as part of the REPowerEU plan, deeming it eligible to be financed.

Baker Hughes’ Executive Vice-President, Industrial & Energy Technology, Ganesh Ramaswamy, claimed the two companies are delivering “critical world-firsts for the decarbonisation of gas networks.”

“Our work with customers and partners is part of our commitment to development innovative technology solutions, such as the NovaLT 12, that enable the decarbonisation of energy ecosystems and the creation of the hydrogen economy while continuing to support the need for an affordable and secure energy supply,” he added.

In January (2023), the company revealed the achievement of several milestones regarding its NovaLT turbines. Its NovaLT 16 hydrogen turbines were manufactured and tested for Air Products’ Net Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex in Edmonton, Canada.

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