Augmented Fuel Cell System Testing is designed to integrate virtual and physical testing environments, ensuring seamless transition from simulations to real-world applications.

The innovative approach optimises fuel cell systems, enhancing efficiency and reliability whilst minimising environmental impact, representing a step towards sustainable energy solutions.

Hosts Rob Cockerill and Thomas Dee will hear from Dr. Daniel Ritzberger of AVL List GmbH, who will provide an overview of the process, methodology and tools to support agile systems engineering for fuel cell technologies.

AVL’s fuel cell test centre in Graz, Austria, first entered into operations in 2020, a facility focused on growing AVL’s global competence in the fuel cell field.

The company also has a strong relationship with Norwegian company TECO 2030, and the two organisations are anticipating the first operational hydrogen FCM400 fuel cell systems at AVL’s Graz facility.

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Available to watch for free on, viewers will have the chance to ask the panel their own questions. The webinar will be on demand for H2 View subscribers.