Dubbed ATOME Mobility, the initial focus will be set in Paraguay, but this will be broadened to expand across the globe with ATOME additionally having a major influence in Iceland.

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ATOME Energy to develop a large-scale green hydrogen and ammonia production project in Paraguay

The new division will mainly focus on hydrogen energy supply to the road transportation sector and shipping in which battery alternatives cannot provide effective solutions using current technology.

Part of ATOME Mobility’s business plan is to co-invest and/or co-venture in the end market with operators in order to educate and promote the use of ATOME’s clean energy in Paraguay first.

ATOME has said that discussions in this regard are progressing with agreements expected to follow.

Olivier Mussat, CEO of ATOME, said, “ATOME Mobility’s initial objective is to provide an integrated heavy goods transport offering bringing together vehicle manufacturers, haulage companies, financial solutions and end users in a closed loop all benefiting from ATOME’s green hydrogen.

“To achieve net zero, the decarbonising of transport has been identified as a priority by both Paraguay and Iceland in their national climate strategies.

“Companies are also under increasingly under pressure from stakeholders and funders alike to minimise the emissions involved in distributing their products globally. This is particularly the case where the parent companies are from Europe or America.

“Recognising that the production of green energy is only part of the matrix, ATOME Mobility aims to provide an integrated solution to accelerate the path for transition to zero emission green energy for all stakeholders whilst embedding ATOME as the fulcrum of change.”


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