By investing significant funds to lower the cost to generate solar energy it could have a ripple effect throughout the Australian energy market with solar a key resource to create large-scale hydrogen.

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ARENA to target low emission programs in the Australia Federal Budget with hydrogen included

Another factor is that, with Australia’s abundance of solar energy, if the nation is able to produce it widely at a cheaper cost, then hydrogen could well be coupled with this and create a booming market with large quantities of hydrogen being exported around the globe.

This could radically increase Australia’s global position in the hydrogen market and see the nation become a powerhouse for the clean energy carrier.

ARENA said that ultra-low cost solar will be a key input to scaling up production of low-cost green hydrogen, in support of the LETS hydrogen goal of “H2 under $2”, as well as key to unlocking other decarbonisation pathways for heavy industry including low emission materials such as green steel and aluminium.

Darren Miller, CEO of ARENA, said, “This $40m R&D funding round will support Australia’s solar researchers and industry to get behind the target of Solar 30 30 30 and drive the innovation that will deliver ultra-low cost solar.

“Ultra-low cost solar will be a vital component in helping Australia move towards a lower cost, largely renewable electricity system and achieve the goal of net zero emissions by 2050.”

Australia unveils hydrogen technology cluster network to accelerate development and commercialisation

Australia will establish a hydrogen technology cluster in every state and territory as the country takes steps to unlock its potential and create a globally competitive hydrogen industry.

A network of 13 regional clusters has been unveiled today (1st Feb) by National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) as part of a drive to establish a nationwide hydrogen cluster. NERA said the national cluster, which would operate as a virtual network, will establish a global identity and a recognised brand for Australian hydrogen technology and expertise.

It will also aid the development of the hydrogen supply chain, reduce overlaps and identify gaps in the development, deployment, and commercialisation of new hydrogen focused technologies.

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