The hydrogen production technology provides a basis to create green hydrogen through the use of a thermo-catalytic process allowing hydrogen to be generated from methane.

In doing so, clean hydrogen can be generated at competitive prices in Finland enhancing both the hydrogen economy in the Nordic country and in Europe as well.

With hydrogen demand steadily rising across Europe, and this demand to soar in the coming years, Hycamite’s technology and investment could see them at the forefront of the hydrogen economy in Finland and support the country’s zero-emission goals

Laura Rahikka, CEO of Hycamite, said, “We intend to start construction of an industrial pilot plant this year in Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP), Finland, as demand for our products – hydrogen and high-quality, solid carbon – is strong and we have made rapid progress in developing our processes.

“The catalysts we are developing will enable hydrogen production from methane in a sustainable way with zero emissions and at a very competitive price.”

Matti Malkamäki, Chairman of Hycamite’s Board of Directors, said, ‘Investors see great promise in both our technology and the hydrogen market. There were more new investors ready to invest than we were able to take in this round. We are now starting a new, larger financing round to expand our operations.”

Making hydrogen happen

This March, H2 View will explore A Climate for Action and Investment in Europe in an immersive virtual event that features some of the leading stakeholders and influencers in hydrogen, including a Women in Green Hydrogen panel.

Confirmed speakers include the Hydrogen Europe, Clean Hydrogen Partnership, FiveT Hydrogen, Airbus, Nel, BMW, Michelin and more.

Further information on the event, agenda and confirmed speakers can be found here.

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