The funding comes due to Denmark’s participation in the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) programme and is set to be used for the development of the project’s phases of 10MW, 100MW, and 300MW.

Ørsted is one of the companies included in the consortium, along with side partners such as, A.P. Moller – Maersk, Copenhagen Airports, DFDS, DSV and SAS. Topsoe, Nel and Everfuel are technology partners on the project, whilst COWI acts as a knowledge partner.

The first two phases consist of producing renewable hydrogen to power heavy industrial vehicles and starting production of green synthetic jet fuel, e-kerosene.

In the projects later phases, it could produce a quantity of e-kerosene corresponding to 30% of the pre-pandemic jet fuel consumption at Copenhagen Airport, which is far beyond the fuel needed for Danish domestic aviation.

The project is dependent on a competitive supply of renewable power to advance the demand for green fuels and drive out fossil-based alternatives.

The consortium has said the Green Fuels for Denmark project is in line to develop Denmark’s large potential within PtX whilst also creating jobs and supply chain development.

The plans were first announced last year (2021), when the partners planned to develop industrial-scale PtX facilities for green hydrogen made with renewable energy.

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Anders NordstrØm, Chief Operating Officer, Ørsted Power-to-X, commented, “PtX can become Denmark’s next green business stronghold.”

Earlier this month, Ørsted joined forces with Skovgaard Energy to develop a PtX facility for large-scale renewable hydrogen production in Denmark.

It is expected to include a 150MW electrolyser capacity, powered by onshore wind and solar PV and hoped to contribute to Denmark’s target of 4-GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030.

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Simon Pauck Hansen, EVP and COO, SAS, said, “The award of DKK 600 million is an important contribution to get the project started and to demonstrate that PtX is a way forward for the transition, also for decarbonisation of aviation.”

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